Business and Service Publishing Group

Business and Service Publishing Group

Business and Service Publishing House was established in October 1992. In 1997 Finpress Publishers were founded and later Publishing and Consulting Centre DIS joined the group.

Business and Service Publishing Group specialize in business books, mainly on accounting, economics and finance. We publish books by Russian authors as well as selected translated titles. Every year more than 100 new books appear. Very popular with readers is a series on nonprofit organizations, including a book by M. Makalskaya Manual for NPO and a journal Nonprofit Organizations in Russia. Widely known periodicals published by Business and Service are: Accountant’s Consultant; Salary. Calculations. Accounting. Taxes; Accounting and Taxes in Trade and Catering;  Accounting Newspaper.

Finpress publish books and journals on HR-management, marketing, management and finance. Periodicals: Personnel of an Enterprise, Marketing in Russia and Abroad, Financial Management

Number of our readers exceeds one million.

Phone: +7 (499) 148-95-62, 148-99-70

Mailing address:
Finpress Publishing
P.O. Box 6 «DIS»
121096, Moscow
Russian Federation